Review: Lulu Tout Juliette in 34H

Well, ladies, it’s been a while. I was just about to write a quick review of this on bratabase, when I realized ‘hey, this is a brand that not many ladies have tried, therefore, it probably technically counts among the ‘weird stuff’ I have that blog for.

So! Let’s talk about the Juliette in blush by Lulu Tout.


I’ve been really wishy-washy about trying Lulu Tout for a long time. When I was more around a 30GG, I had a brief love affair with Just Peachy’s Sadie and Lace Balconette, tried both in 32G, and both were a wee bit too small in the cup. I bemoaned the fact that the range ended at G. Which, of course let me to Lulu Tout, but as a predominantly even bust shape (though lately I’m definitely more on the FoB side of even), that seam along the top of the cup seemed like a match made in hell.

Let’s fast forward to present, when I’m floating more around a 32HH, and fighting to find a few decent, unpadded neutrals for summer, which is right around the corner, without spending a fortune for them, or waiting two months for them to arrive. (If time was no issue, you know I would just order myself some unpadded comexims and save myself this headache).

I had some success with the Freya Lauren balcony bra in white, but ended up trying and returning at least half a dozen others (including an old model fantasie simplex that looked like a bullet bra), so when I decided to grudgingly take my chances with the Curvy Kate Florence (which I’d tried and found too shallow in 32HH) in 32J, I decided to order it from figleaves and tack this on to my order.  They were doing a free shipping promo at the time, so I figured I didn’t stand to lose much if (see: when) returns were in order.

I returned the florence, but the juliette I decided to keep. It’s a really interesting construction that, while not a miracle bra by any stretch, actually seems to work fairly well for me.


You can definitely see my center heavy boobs crowding the center gore here (and please, please ignore the disaster area behind me – I have a lot going on at the moment, and was sneaking these photos in quickly before an abbreviated dinner. 🙂 ), but, if you’ve read my blog before, you know it’s not uncommon for me to have to narrow this part of the bra.  It will be a slightly more delicate procedure with the keyhole design, but nothing that’s going to be all that hard for me to work around.  So, I knew out of box I had a minor alteration to do, but decided to take pictures of it ‘as is’, for sake of reviewing it.

You can see you’ve got a very sheer mesh layer, topped with a lace overlay. The lace is only attached in one or two spots, and so far there is no rolling or bunching of any kind.  The mesh under layer is a 3 part balcony cup ( so if you are worried about rolling, it would be very, very easy to sew this lace down along the center seam of the bra.  Whether or not I do will depend on how it ages, but so far it seems to be working just fine as is.)

You can also see the lace goes all the way up to the top of the shoulder, which means this may be a problem for shorter or high-set ladies: the straps are not fully adjustable, but that’s not really an issue for me.


From the side, you can get a very good idea of just how stretchy the fabric is. There is plenty of room for my lower fullness. Yet, the top of the cup, while not fully covering my breasts on top, does not cut in. (And did not start cutting in, even after a full day’s wear (which is 12 hours for me, between the time I put it on yesterday and the time I got home from work).

You can also see that the wing of the bra is very tall. A tall wing doesn’t bother me, but again – will be a problem for shorter or high set ladies.

It has a two hook fastening in back. I would prefer 3, personally, but this has never been a deal-breaker for me.  This is not what I consider an ‘active day’ bra. It’s probably not a bra I’d pick for a day I expect to spend bent over a filing cabinet (to be fair, I would also not trust my comexims with this task.), but it’s a perfectly fine average day bra. And while my weird camera angles and the shape of my breasts (which had not fully settled into the cups when I took these pictures) may make this appear pointy, I assure you, that is not the bra’s fault; my boobs are just shaped that way, and under clothes the profile is actually rounded and quite shapely.


It’s probably not a bra that would suit someone who prefers mega support (like the ultra support of say, some of Panache’s styles, which I hate), but for an evedyn fan like me, it’s a comfortable everyday option with a mid-height gore that is low enough to wear with lower cut v-necks and wrap style tops, while high enough that I don’t seem to be at any immediate risk of falling out.

The upper lace section of the bra is quite loose, so while suitable for Even or possibly even FoT breasts, I imagine someone who is dominantly FoB might experience some gaping.

As far as sizing, I’ve already established I sister sized in this one, so it is a little loose for me (but since I have to narrow the gore anyway, this will be corrected once I do that alteration), but it’s certainly not a full band size loose. I would say my 32HH Freya Hopscotch is probably looser. This stretches comfortably to just a bit shy of 34 inches. You can probably stretch it further than that, but I think the cups would warp, so I would say assume that Juliette runs at half sizes (the 34 closer to a 33, the 32 probably closer to a 31).  Since I’m a 31 inch underbust with very little squish a preference for a little breathing room, I think I would probably be able to fasten the 32, but likely not comfortably.

Would I buy Lulu Tout again? I don’t know. In blush, yes, but I wholly admit in any other color I’d probably be a little less certain about it. Until I see how the bra wears over time, and what kind of life expectancy it has, the jury is still out.

But! It’s blush, it fits, it’s comfortable, and I can wear it under whites and those thin, pale colored tops that are so popular once the weather gets warm, so it’s going to serve the purpose I purchased it for very well.


2 thoughts on “Review: Lulu Tout Juliette in 34H

  1. Hi,
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    • Daniel,
      You must realize how unrealistic it is to approach a large bust blogger to promote a small bust company.

      You are replying to a post on a review of a bra in a UK 34H. You understand, surely, that this is a size your company does not carry?

      For sake of this conversation, I will be referencing UK Sizing as it is standardized. US Sizing is, unfortunately, not even remotely standardized above a DD cup. I currently wear a UK 32J/34HH, depending on the brand. That is roughly the equivalent of a US 32M/34L. The average woman, once properly sized, ranges from approximately a 30F-34H. So, I think you can see that your company caters to a remarkably small percentage of the market, a part of the market which, I (and the majority of women in the US) simply do not belong to.

      If, at some point in the future, you decide to extend your range to be more inclusive, I would be happy to discuss it on my blog. We have a major shortage of companies who cater to proper sizing within the United States, and as a result import nearly all of the bras in these size ranges from the UK and Poland. However, I can not, in good conscience, promote a brand that excludes the audience I am writing to.

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