Review: Ruby Pink Cathy in 32GG

Well Ladies, it’s time for another episode of ‘She tries weird stuff off ebay because it’s cheap’.

We’ve probably all seen the Ruby Pink Cathy bra.  We’ve probably all hovered over the ‘buy’ button, and decided against it, because there’s just no way a bra that only costs $18.99 can be any good. I know I have. Several times.  I also knew I purchased this bra once before, when I was a larger lady, and have no memory at all of how well or poorly it fit me at that time.  At least that means I don’t have any bad memories of it, right?

I’ve gone up a cup recently, so the majority of my bra stock is a bit too small, and while I have an order in for a few new comexims, it’s going to be a while before they get here, so it’s become important to me to fill out my stock with a few bras that I can get inexpensively, within the US, to tide me over.

Cathy was returnable, so I decided I didn’t stand to lose much if it didn’t work out.  So, let’s take a look, shall we? I have only had this on a few minutes, so this will be a pretty basic overview of general construction and shape.


From the front, you can see what looks like a relatively projected cup that’s relatively open up top. Those are both very good things for my even bust – which needs both depth at the wire and some room to breathe up top.

What you can also possibly see is my most significant fit problem – I’m bulging over the top of the center seam a bit.  This is an issue I have chronically with unlined Cleo bras, and I think owes hugely to my very soft tissue.  It is not as extreme in this bra as it is in Cleo, so might not be a deal breaker (I have to try it on with a few different tops and see how bad it is under clothing).  I would say if  this doesn’t happen to you in unlined Cleos, you can rest assured it probably won’t happen with this bra, either.  But ladies with soft tissue who are prone to this problem, be aware that this bra is not immune to it.

The straps are fully adjustable. And, hey, combined with the pretty blue, I don’t even mind the purple, which is my least favorite color on the planet.  It’s kind of cute in this color combination though – feminine in a way that’s kind of flirty and playful, while not being in your face about it, and I’m a sucker for dragonflies, so the design of the lace upper section has me sold.


From the 3/4 view, you can get a pretty good view of the shape. Natural, and on me, slightly pointed.  The first thing I thought when I put this on was ‘cheap freya with a more open upper cup.’  The lace gapes slightly on top when I move, but lays flush for the most part.

At this angle you can get a pretty good look at the overall construction.  There’s nothing particularly exciting going on here; it’s a generic 3 part semi-sheer (mostly sheer) balcony bra, with the lower portion of the cup being a bit more opaque than the detailed lace above.

Obviously, for nineteen bucks, we’re not talking high quality materials here, but it’s sturdy enough to support, and the shape is – again – very like the shape unlined Freyas take on my bust, but less flattened out on top, so if you do well in Unlined Freya bras but need a little more room in the top of the cup, this is probably a very decent budget selection if you can find it in your size.


Now, let’s talk wires. You can see it’s wide. VERY wide for me.  If you squint, you can see where the mark from the bra I just took off is  through the mesh. If you can see that, that is where my Comexim Vivien ends, so this bra is significantly wider than my actual breast tissue. However, not uncomfortable.

Why wouldn’t a bra this wide not be uncomfortable for someone with an extremely narrow root, you may ask? It comes right back to my above comparisons to Freya – the wires are soft and malleable, VERY akin to Freya’s wires. We’re also looking at a very stretchy, Freya-like band. I keep coming back to that comparison, because, as someone who used to be a die hard Freya fan (though they’re really not great for me), the comparison is just obvious.  This is basically a wider-wired unlined Freya. I would suggest going for your Freya size if you try it. However, if you’re particularly FoB, you may be able to size down a cup, due to the more open upper cup.

Overall, it’s surprisingly decent for the price. I’ll be keeping it in spite of  the center seam bulge – which is not bad enough to show under most of my tops. I’ll be narrowing the gore and likely adjusting the upper cup marginally, but when do I ever NOT tweak a bra somehow, really? 🙂 The comfort and support seem to be perfectly acceptable, so once I get a good rotation of higher quality bras in my new size, I imagine this will stay in rotation, or at least replace one of my beat up lounging bras. It will get use one way or another, so I consider it money well spent.

Ladies with very sensitive skin might potentially find the fabric a bit scratchy.  It doesn’t bother me, but I can see how it might be a problem for those of you who have a high level of sensitivity to fabrics against your bust. It will likely soften after a few washes, but I really can’t guarantee that, having not worn it long enough, or washed it, to be able to confirm.

My breasts aren’t sensitive to fabrics, but my hands are, so when I picked it up, I did have a concern that the fabric might be unacceptable, but once it’s on, it feels fine to me.

Overall, I would say this is a very acceptable bra for someone who really doesn’t have the funds required for the usual brands.  I’m fairly certain it’s discontinued, but can still be found in a few sizes, and if one of them happens to be yours, you stand to be the proud owner of a surprisingly decent bra that costs under $20, and that’s nothing to scoff at.


Review: Simply Me Basque in Gold 34FF

34FF Simply Me Basque
IMAG0513 IMAG0512I’ve been on the hunt for a strapless option.  It’s not that I specifically need one, but that since I’m finally in the size range – if only barely – I’ve wanted one just because I can.  Given the uncommon shape of my rib cage, a longline or full length garment would be the best for support, and given my love handles, a basque seemed the least risky. 

I’m a 31 inch underbust, so you’re probably wondering why in the heck I would choose a 34?  Well, because my underbust is 31 inches, but at the navel I’m 33, and the area just above it is about 35.  Did I expect a 34 to work? Well, I thought the lower measurements might compensate a little for the upper, and it’s only a sister size off from my usual 32G. And, the 32G was sold out. For $20 it was priced low enough to attempt.  There aren’t too many sizes left in this, but ebay has them, and dawn til dusk lingerie, so if you happen to be one of the sizes remaining, the price is right.

Well, the size is not ideal. I first fastened it on the loosest hooks, and could tell it wasn’t pulling in tight enough as I was hooking it up, so I moved onto the tightest.


Uuurrhhh…not good. Not good at all.  But, all hope is not lost – this comes with regular straps, and also clear straps.  The fact that it comes with clear straps makes me think that – even though it’s categorized as a strapless, it’s probably not expected to do well as one. If it was, what would be the purpose of selling it with clear straps, am I right?

IMAG0523Now, that’s much better. I put the straps with the adjusters on the front just for sake of not having to take the whole thing off again to adjust it.  These clear straps are LONG. I normally adjust straps very little due to my sort of barrel-shaped chest and upper back, but these I had to adjust half way.  I would say these are even longer than the straps on my Comexim. But, the beauty of removable straps is if they’re too long, you can always buy a set you like better and use those instead.

And, since I do secretly ogle those cute retro halter dresses (even if I have nowhere to wear one!) let’s test the halter strap:


Halter style isn’t too shabby either.

So, I’ll hold onto this one for now. It’s a complete fail as a strapless, but the clear straps and the halter strap still open up a lot of wardrobe options I didn’t have before, and it’s a good enough fit for those special occasion items.  Once I get a sewing machine, I can probably tighten up the back and improve the fit further, but it’s comfortable and gives enough uplift with the straps attached to be of some use.

It doesn’t do much in terms of control along the tummy. I don’t know if that’s the very stretchy fabric, or just the fact that it’s a size too big, but I would estimate likely a combination of the two.

I have another basque on the way in 32G that I’m hoping will be amazing, and if that one ends up being amazing, I will likely sell this one, but for the time being, I now have the option wear those cute halter style dresses I’ve been ogling from afar, which has to count for something. 🙂

UPDATE: Something I forgot to mention when I initially posted this – this basque does come with detachable suspenders, but – as you can see – it only barely reaches my navel, so I can’t see the average person wearing it with them.  I’m 5’4 and relatively balanced top to bottom – neither my legs or torso are particularly long or short relative to one another, so I imagine to get this to hit solidly at the hip, a person would have to be 5’2 or under, in which case the suspenders might be a cute addition, but certainly would be aesthetically awkward on someone tall or with a longer torso.  I am sure someone with a bit less tummy than me would get more length, but I think you would have to be either quite slender, or quite petite, to get this to fall at or near the hip, as it is on the model in the ebay listing.