Review: Berlei Move X Sport Crop Top

Ok ladies, I asked a question a while ago if I should post reviews of my bra purchases here, and the answer was yes. I haven’t done so yet, and that’s terribly lazy of me, but this one is worth reviewing properly, I think, for two reasons:

1) There is not a heck of a lot of info on Berlei in the bra community

2) A lot of the information circulating on these sports bras is misleading.

These bras come up on Zulily sales pretty often, and seem to be generally discounted on their own website, so are a good deal if they happen to be what you’re looking for.

Let’s get the big question out of the way first: is this bra going to go head-to-head with big contenders like the much-loved Panache Sport, or with Freya Active, Shock Absorber, Enell. No. Absolutely not.

And, here’s where the misconception comes in: IT’S NOT DESIGNED TO.  That’s right, ladies. This bra is not intended to be a super sports bra.  I think that’s why a lot of the people who talk about it have such unkind things to say about it.  If you’re comparing it to one of these heavy duty sports bras that will virtually eliminate bounce, then you’ll be disappointed.  You’re putting the move-X into a league that it was never intended to compete in.

The Berlei Move X crop top is rated and recommended for sports like yoga and dance. And, that is what it will be good for – no more, no less.  It will not eliminate bounce.  You are not going to be able to do jumping jacks or burpees in this bra without jiggle.  And, that’s okay.  The Move-X is designed to do a job; that job is to squash your boobs down so they won’t be in your way, or burying your face when you’re in downward facing dog (test: passed), to keep them from flopping about when you’re lifting, to potentially survive that zumba class you’ve been meaning to take (I don’t do zumba, someone else will have to run that test, but as long as you’re not doing cartwheels or flying sidekicks, I see no reason it won’t be perfectly sufficient).  It was not designed for triathlons, or acrobatics.  So, to expect it to perform based on the most intense physical activity is not putting it on a fair playing field.

Here’s Berlei’s Description from their website (

A laminated, moulded, super soft brushed fabric offers strong support and extra comfort whilst exercising. Engineered to act like your own personal trainer and straighten posture!


  • Intelligent back with cross action laminated panel
  • Power mesh panels placed locally for support and breathability
  • Cushioned gel hook and eye for floor exercise without discomfort
  • Peach touch fabric, soft on skin
  • Recommended for activity sports such as dance or yoga.

Now, most of that is sales pitch. Here are the important things to take away from it:

1) ‘Super soft brushed fabric’ – does that sound like a high intensity sports bra to you? It doesn’t to me.

2) Panels for “breathability” – that means those panels are semi-sheer, ladies. Again – doesn’t sound like a proponent for intense, hard core support.

3) Recommended for activity sports such as dance and yoga. – which, as I stated above, is exactly what it’s best for.

Will it help with posture? Unlikely. Is it soft? Yes, it is.

Now, let’s break it down, with pictures!


As you can see, that front panel is quite sheer.  I typically wear either a 30GG or 32G.  This is a 32G, and fits just fine.


The fabric is extremely flexible, so while, at first, I was afraid it would be too small, once adjusted, I’m perfectly secure enough.  That’s loose skin you’re seeing in the pictures, by the way – it’s not breast tissue hanging out. After 100 lbs of weight loss, there are some weirdnesses in fit that there’s just not much I can do anything about. My skin hasn’t really bounced back.


This is a racerback.  It is also an overhead style.  I’m not sure if you can see in this horrible photo but it DOES NOT  have adjustable straps.  When I pulled it out of the package, that was a serious worry for me. I normally have my bras adjusted as long as they can go, and several brands – like Just Peachy – tend to have straps that are really painful for a few wears because they’re too short for me in spite of the fact I’m only 5’4.  I know it looks tight against the shoulders – that’s primarily the way I’m contorting my body to take the picture. It’s not uncomfortable.

Rest assured – the stretchy fabric saves the day. This is perfectly comfortable on my shoulders.

When I purchased this bra, I was not looking for a high-intensity sports bra, nor was I expecting to get one for $25 USD.  I have three shock absorbers that do that job perfectly well for me.

What I was looking for was a bra that would be more comfortable for lounging around the house. I’ve been using my shock absorbers for that, and since my back is broad, I admit that there’s a point in the evening when the shock absorber is just too restrictive on the upper set of hooks and I want out of it. The berlei purchase was intended as a happy medium between sports bra and no bra in the evening. Victory on that front – this is the first bra I’ve ever put on that I thought ‘I could probably sleep in this’.  I don’t wear a sleep bra and don’t intend to start, but if I did, this seems like it would be comfortable enough to suit the purpose.  And, as I like garments that multitask, I was expecting it to be suitable for yoga, pilates, free weights, and general strength training. That’s also a victory, which makes this a bra that does exactly what it advertises.

So, if you’re looking for a high-intensity sports bra – stick to the big names that we all know about already.  However, if you’re looking for a good bra for low intensity sports at a price point that won’t break you, or a casual ‘lay around’ bra – this is a very real option, and I am completely satisfied with it.


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