I’ll be brief.

I’m not exactly a bra blogger.  There are tons and tons of bra blogs, and I really don’t feel I have anything useful  to add on any consistent enough basis, so this blog is a more casual affair.

What I do have, is an unusual torso shape that is really not discussed elsewhere, and a habit of altering bras to compensate for that, so while I don’t have anything to offer on any consistent basis (or the time or finances to let bras completely swallow my life. lol), I do seem to have a sort of unique perspective that brings things to the table that just aren’t discussed often.

I have a lot of bratastrophies. I’m a very tough fit with a V-shaped torso, rib flares, and a barrel-shaped, or egg-shaped chest.  My sternum is projected.  My tissue is extremely soft with lots of loose skin.  My breasts are very narrow and projected (more of a champagne flute than a wine glass), and I’m an even/full everywhere shape. This chest shape isn’t great for much, but it IS kind of perfect for discussing when things go wrong in the right size.

SO!  While I don’t currently intend to update this blog on a consistent basis, it is a good little home on the internet for talking about those things that I’m asked about enough, posting tutorials that I don’t come across elsewhere, and talking about some unusual fit problems that will make a novice pull her hair out screaming.

Brastic Measures: When you’ve had enough bratastrophes that drastic measures are required for happy boobs.


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